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HowTo use Mobile "send current Position (GPS)"

HowTo use Mobile "send current Position (GPS)" to add a Waypoint

To provide a new Waypoint / Point of Interest (POI) is quite easy. Read here how to add a new Waypoint / Point of Interest (POI) with your smartphone and the "WP & Addr" Mobile Version

a Smartphone (Computer) with GPS/GLONASS, a webbrowser and an Internet connection.

  • Smartphone (Computer) could be any kind of Notebook/Laptop/Netbook, Apple- or Android Tablet or mobilephone with a working GPS or GLONASS chip / dongle (most of modern smartphones have GPS/GLONASS)
  • webbrowser can be any kind of modern web browser like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Android Browser, Opera. Mostly Internet Explorer >= v6 should work.
  • an Internet connection is needed because "Waypoints & Addresses" is a Web-Application

On your device (Smartphone) start your Web Browser and go to the website http://m.flag-me.info

Tip: first time loading this website on a WIFI connection, so next time loading this website via GRPS, EDGE, UMTS,... could be a little bit faster.

Choose the Option "add Waypoint" => "send current Position (GPS)"

Click "OK" to allow to get your current position...

Getting Geolocation and loading data...

When getting your Geolocation is ok, please scroll the page down to "send current location"...

Please fill in a "Waypoint Name" (the name of the POI, this input is mandatory). It should be a clear, unique name. Optional you can choose a "Category" for this Waypoint (e.g.: "Restaurant", "Attraction", "Trainstation",...).
After filling in a "Waypoint Name", touch/click the button "submitt Waypoint data"...

If everything went well, you should get a success message...

Congratulations! You have provided successfuly a Waypoint (POI) to the Community. Thank you very much!

From now on your provided Waypoint (POI) is visibly and useable for everyone:
As an example within the Mobile "nearby (Text only, GPS)":

On the Desktop version of "Waypont & Addresses" you can also find your provided "Waypoint":

as an example, go to website "Waypoints & Addresses" => "show Waypoints" => "list Waypoints" => "WP's to review"