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Website News of Waypoints & Addresses
2016-12-25 20:12:11
  • Secured flag-me.info
    Websites changed to https
    The websites www.flag-me.info and m.flag-me.info have been changed to secured http (https).
    http requests will be redirected to the corresponding https sites.
    ZHENG Robert

2016-12-18 17:12:35
  • Website support for https
    Flag-Me.info will be changed from http to https
    Now the website flag-me.info supports also the secured hypertext transport protocol (https) . There are still some small mistakes within some functions, but this will be solved in the next few days. When bugfixing will be finished, the http requests will be redirected to https.
    ZHENG Robert

2016-12-18 17:12:17
  • Problems with the mobile version of Flag-Me
    limited/no functionality of the mobile website
    Due to a PHP 7 upgrade there's only limited / no functionality of the mobile version of flag-me.info (http://m.flag-me.info). The migration of the mobile website from PHP to Python in the next few days will solve this problem.
    ZHENG Robert

2015-12-26 12:12:37
  • Website Migration (Part II)
    Migration of website flag-me.info mostly done...
    The website www.flag-me.info is mostly migrated.
    There are still some small CSS and other design issues which will be corrected step-by-step some when in the future...
    The website www.laowei.eu ist currently hosting the old PHP website which is still working in production mode. But some when in the near future the old PHP website will be closed down because this domain will be needed for the migration of the mobile website http://m.flag-me.info
    ZHENG Robert

2015-12-12 20:12:49
  • Website Migration (Part I)
    Migration of website flag-me.info started...
    The website www.flag-me.info will be migrated. Currently there's a development website www.laowei.eu where the migration will be done:
    • changing from PHP to Python with Django framework
    • changing from custom Stylesheets to (customized) Bootstrap
    • changing from Google Maps to Openstreetmap (OSM)
    • changing from MySQL to MySQL and PostgreSQL
    Additional features:
    • all POI's from OSM will be provided
    • several kind of POI's from Google Places,Texik and Yelp will be provided (still waiting for approval from TripAdvisor)
    • there will be the possibility to subscribe a local POI to OSM

    ZHENG Robert

2015-10-30 21:10:00
  • Server Crash
    Server crashed on Feb. 08, 2015
    On Feb. 08, 2015 the server crashed. Due to a backup error, only an older restore was available. So now some functions doesn't work and some data and HowTo's are lost.
    ZHENG Robert

2014-12-20 08:12:00
  • "Desktop Version": added HowTo for "send current Position (GPS)"
    Additional "HowTo" added: HowTo use Mobile "send current Position (GPS)"
    To provide a new Waypoint / Point of Interest (POI) is quit easy. Read here how to add a new Waypoint / Point of Interest (POI) with your smartphone and the "WP & Addr" Mobile Version
    ZHENG Robert

2014-12-20 02:12:00
  • Project "Django" started
    The Evaluation of "Django" and "AngularJS" has started
    A new (testing) "WP&Addr" project has started, based on the Django Web-Framework. In this project also the usability of AngularJS will will be evaluated. There will be no affects to the current active "Wp&Addr" website.
    ZHENG Robert

2014-11-22 08:11:00
  • "Mobile Version": "send current position" enhanced
    extended to: show Geodata, Address & send Waypoint
    send current position shows now the Geodata and Address (if available) and provides an input form to send the Waypoint information. When Geodata are available, there's no need to wait for the address, the Waypoint data can already sended out. The Geodata- and Address field supports "select and copy".
    ZHENG Robert

2014-10-26 09:10:00
  • "Desktop Version": added HowTo's for "Nokia Here" navigation and "Skobbler" navigation
    Additonal "howTo's" added: HowTo use Nokia "Here" or "Skobbler" for navigation
    Find the HowTo's here
    ZHENG Robert

2014-10-12 11:10:00
  • "Desktop Version": some improvements on UI, added obligatory "Share" Buttons"
    Done some small improvements on User Interfaces and added the obligatory "Share Buttons" like Google+, Facebook, ...

    ZHENG Robert

2014-10-02 12:10:00
  • "Mobile Version": added Webpage "search Waypoint"
    Search Waypoint lists Waypoint information's and routing/directions.
    Search Waypoint currently supports local data and routing/directions. Additional ressources and informations like Tixik or Google Places will be added step by step.
    ZHENG Robert

2014-10-01 12:10:00
  • "Desktop Version": some enhancements on "search Waypoint"
    Search Waypoint currently supports local data and Wikipedia, Tixik and Google Places information's.
    Additional ressources and informations will be added step by step.
    ZHENG Robert

2014-09-21 09:09:00
  • "Desktop Version": added Webpage "search Waypoint"
    Search Waypoint lists Waypoint information's and additional information's from Wikipedia and other ressources.
    Search Waypoint currently supports local data and Wikipedia information's. Additional ressources and informations like Tixik or Google Places will be added step by step.
    ZHENG Robert

2014-08-11 22:08:00
  • "Desktop Version": new Download Area available
    A new Downloads area has been added to the desktop version.
    The first downloadable contents are OSM Maps of China and OSM Maps of the provinces Liaoning and Yunnan, and OSM Maps of Germany and the province Bavaria. The new download area can be found here: Downloads.
    ZHENG Robert

2014-08-10 12:08:00

2014-08-10 01:08:00
  • "Mobile Version": Webpage "flexible Waypoint Search" migrated to OSM
    The mobile webpage "flexible Waypoint Search" for Tablets is successfully migrated to Openstreetmap
    A faster webpage load, more accurate map data...and in some countries no need anymore for a VPN connection... Thanks to Openstreetmap and Leaflet
    ZHENG Robert

2014-08-09 14:08:00
  • "Mobile Version": Migration to OSM maps started
    The migration of the Mobile Version to Openstreetmap has started

    ZHENG Robert

2014-08-07 12:08:00
  • "Desktop Version": updated the "show WP's" webpage
    The webpage show WP's on a map shows now also available webcams
    show WP's on a map includes now an additional Layer from webcams.travel.
    Zoom into the map to see the available webcams for a region
    ZHENG Robert

2014-08-07 12:08:00
  • "Desktop Version": updated the webpage "Licenses"
    More detailed description of the license used by [m.]flag-me.info and added the license information of OSM
    Details can be found here: Licenses
    ZHENG Robert

2014-08-02 12:08:00
  • "Desktop Version": added Webpage "Upload Waypoint Pictures"
    Upload Business Cards, Namecards or Pictures of Waypoints
    The new Webpage supports file browsing and Drag&Drop, can be found here: upload WP pictures
    Zheng Robert

2014-08-02 12:08:00
  • "Desktop Version": updated Webpage "upload Waypoint data"
    Upload Waypoint data as gpx, xml, kml, txt, csv, xls, xlsx
    The updated Webpage supports file browsing and Drag&Drop, can be found here: upload WP data
    ZHENG Robert

2014-08-02 01:08:00
  • "Desktop Version": Webpage Taxicards finalized
    Webpage Taxicards is ready to use now and shows the taxicard pictures
    Webpage "Taxicards" shows now SVG and JPG/PNG pictures which can be used as taxi cards
    ZHENG Robert

2014-07-27 15:07:00
  • "Desktop Version": added HowTo "Baidu Maps Navigation"
    the HowTo describes how to use the Chinese "Baidu Maps" navigation function from within the "WP & Addr" mobile version.
    You can find the HowTo here
    ZHENG Robert

2014-07-27 14:07:00
  • "Desktop Version": added new Menu entry
    added new menu entry "HowTo's & More"
    Menu entry "HowTo's & More" includes currently the sub menus "FAQ's", "HowTo's" and "Links"
    ZHENG Robert

2014-07-27 14:07:00
  • "Desktop Version" has now unique design
    Cleaned up the filesystem and updated all webpages to the new templates / design

    ZHENG Robert

2014-07-26 06:07:00
  • some improvements on Mobile version
    Some enhancements done on "nearby (Text only)"
    nearby (Text only) lists now also Phone No, Description and comment (if available)
    ZHENG Robert

2014-07-23 19:07:00

2014-07-20 14:07:00
  • bulk inserts of Waypoints for Shenyang, China
    183 Waypoints added to Shenyang
    – 51 Subway Stations
    – 18 Coffeeshops (Starbucks, IS Cafe,...)
    – 114 Fastfood Restaurants (Mc Donald's, KFC, Subway,...)
    ZHENG Robert

2014-07-19 14:07:00

2014-07-13 14:07:00
  • added "Desktop Version"
    added Webpage Taxicards
    The Taxicard Pictures are in SVG format, so you can resize the images without loosing quality. Right click on a cell and choose "Save Picture as..."
    ZHENG Robert

2014-07-05 14:07:00
  • changed "Mobile Version"
    increased performance for "Add Waypoint" => "send current Position".
    Due to some limitations in some countries to use Google, the Reverse Geocoding with Google Maps API was removed
    ZHENG Robert

2014-07-01 14:07:00

2014-07-01 14:07:00

2014-06-29 14:06:00

2014-06-27 14:06:00
  • changed "Desktop Version"
    replaced Navigation, modified Breadcrumbs

    ZHENG Robert

2014-06-21 14:06:00
  • changed "Mobile Version"
    separated the start page into "Add Waypoint", "for Tablets", "for Smartphone"

    ZHENG Robert

2014-06-21 14:06:00
  • added "Mobile Version"
    "flexible nearby Search", "nearby (Text only)"

    ZHENG Robert

2014-05-17 15:05:00
  • added "Desktop Version"
    a weather layer to the search / main Map
    The weather layer shows the current weather from www.weather.com. A click on the weather icon opens an Info Windows with more detailed information's. Not available on every zoom level
    ZHENG Robert

2014-05-17 14:05:00
  • added "Desktop Version"
    "manual Zoom" to the search / main Map Info Window

    ZHENG Robert

2014-05-17 14:05:00
  • added "Mobile Version"
    a traffic layer shows the current traffic situation in green, yellow, red

    ZHENG Robert

2014-05-17 14:05:00
  • changed "Mobile Version"
    Interface with lists separated to continents,countries, states, cities

    ZHENG Robert

2014-05-17 14:05:00
  • New function "Geolocation/IP Location"
    the Maps did getting a new function
    with "Geolocation/IP Location" the system tries to find your current location (GEo or IP based) and sets an marker to your current position
    ZHENG Robert

2014-05-04 14:05:00
  • "add Waypoint" interface enhanced
    The "add Waypoint" interface did get some enhancements, also added to the navigation

    ZHENG Robert

2014-04-10 14:04:00
  • "Waypoints and Addresses" has now it's own domain
    "Waypoints and Addresses" has moved to www.flag-me.info

    ZHENG Robert

2014-04-07 14:04:00
  • changed: "showing Waypoints" is now start page
    Thanks to John Tyan for the suggestion

    ZHENG Robert

2014-03-23 14:03:00
  • Design of Website (Desktop Version) changed
    after the ramp up, a more modern design was necessary
    getting first experiences with responsive webdesign, JQuery and so on
    ZHENG Robert

2014-03-08 14:03:00
  • Website founded
    due to an posting on Facebook, the idea for a Website comes up...
    Due to a posting of Gabriel Rueck on Facebook, the idea for the website www.flag-me.info did come up. Find the related postings here: Shenyang and beyond.gpx
    ZHENG Robert